How to Use My Uninstaller Pro to Remove Programs

Step 1: Run MyUninstallerPro and View Program List

  • My Uninstaller Pro will automatically detect all installed programs on your computer at startup. You can quickly click the "View program list" button or take a look at your computer status at the bottom of the primary window of My Uninstaller Pro.
  • Clicking Uninstall tab on top will also bring you to the program list. You can find the desired program in categories like New programs, toolbars and other programs. If you know the program name, directly type the name in the search bar. The program will display instantly.
  • Select the program you want to remove and click the Uninstall button.
how to uninstall a program step 1
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Step 2: Uninstall the selected program

  • A confirmation window will open. Click Yes to continue if you ensure it's the right program.
  • Here if you select "backup your system settings", then My Uninstaller Pro will begin the uninstall after creating a system restore point. The system restore point would be used if you wish to restore the uninstalled software later.
how to uninstall a program step 2
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Step 3: Remove leftover files and clear registry entries

  • My Uninstaller Pro will start the uninstall process by analysing application data. In a moment, the selected program will be removed successfully.
  • Meanwhile, My Uninstaller Pro will scan your hard-drive for all unnecessary files, folders or registry entries left behind. Click Next on this screen to see the results.
  • Click the "Remove item" button to delete all unnecessary items safely.
  • Note that: You need to register My Uninstaller Pro before removing leftover items.
how to uninstall a program step 3
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